Welcome to the Realtors® Association of Westmoreland, Indiana and Mon Valley

Who we are:

We are a local association committed to providing benefits of value to our REALTOR® and affiliate members.

We promote the use of professional standards and to uphold the code of ethics in the practice of real estate by our members.

We are an association of 500 members from the Westmoreland, Indiana, and Mon Valley areas that, together, promote advocacy, education, and ethics for the REALTOR® community.

2016 Award Winners

The following individuals have earned awards for their 2016 production.



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Membership News

Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association REALTORS

When an extreme and aggressive anti-development measure landed on the ballot in Los Angeles early last year, the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS® took action.  It requested a Land Use Initiative review through the REA…

Texas REALTORS® Bring Clarity to Voting Process

In a democracy, it’s in everyone’s best interests that ballots are clear and straightforward. But when the names of propositions are duplicated on other propositions on the same ballot, as was happening in Texas, voters can become confused.
The Texas …