Code of Ethics

The NAR Code of Ethics lies at the heart of being a REALTOR®. Since its adoption in 1913, the Code has promoted time-honored principles that are generally defined as:

  • Loyalty to clients
  • Fiduciary duty to clients
  • Cooperation with competitors
  • Truthfulness in statements and advertising and non-interference in exclusive relationships that other REALTORS® have with their clients.

Read the entire Code of Ethics.

Cycle 5 Code of Ethics requirements runs from January 2017-December 2020. To take the NAR Code of ethics course for new and returning members, go to



REALTOR® members who violate the Code of Ethics can be subject to sanctions by their local Association through procedures established by NAR.

If you believe another REALTOR® has violated the code or the law there are various ways you can attempt to resolve the complaint.

Basic information can be found on the professional standards page.

PAR is responsible for enforcing the Code of Ethics for our association as part of the Statewide Professional Standards Cooperative. To report a potential violation of the Code involving a member of the REALTORS® Association of Westmoreland, Indiana and Mon Valley, contact PAR at 1.800.555.3390.